Marketing Strategy and Plans between Asia and Europe


Our mission: We empower ambitious technology and service providers to achieve triumphant market entry and sustainable growth in Europe and Asia. To accomplish this, we expertly craft a solid marketing strategy and plan, compelling narratives and deploy targeted communication strategies.


Your outcome: your brand will not only establish a stellar reputation in new markets but also undergo robust growth in existing ones. This strategic approach ensures that your brand is perceived in perfect alignment with the desired image set by you and your top management. This transformative journey will manifest in tangible results, including increased sales growth, heightened employee retention, and a notable surge in thought leadership inquiries, all driven by our innovative marketing strategy.

Bridging Asia and Europe

Your company is based in Asia or Europe, and you are planning to gain foothold on the other continent? With our strategic and digital marketing and communication efforts we support your market entries and growth strategies on both sides.

Marketing, branding and PR, perfectly orchestrated

We bring narratives for different audiences to live and tell your story where different influencers and thought leaders alongside the buying cycle will see it. Because the same story cannot be told the same way for a top manager, a technical expert or a skilled operator. We develop the right marketing strategy and plan for your target audiences. We create your enticing, credible story. When it comes to implementing activities, our marketing and brand strategists strike with skillful project management.


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The Team

CS Marketing & Sales Solutions is guided by the modern way of work: we are a team of experienced, international freelance experts, carefully chosen and curated by founder Corinna Seidel to build high-performing project teams which are essential in today’s specialized world of PR and marketing. Each of us brings her or his expertise at a maximum commitment level – because customer satisfaction is our future. Learn more about our highly experienced marketing team.

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