Global marketing for technology products


You have an absolutely awesome technical product or service and you plan to grow globally? We are CS Marketing & Sales Solutions and we develop high quality and successful B2B marketing strategies for tech companies.

We help you to tell your story on a global scale to your potential customers. For global growth and increased sales and lead generation.

Bridging Asia and Europe

Your company is based in Asia or Europe, and you are planning to gain foothold on the other continent? With our strategic and digital marketing and communication efforts we support your market entries and growth strategies on both sides.

Services for tech companies

We bring narratives for different audiences to live and tell your story where different influencers alongside the buying cycle will read it. Because the same story cannot be told the same way for a top manager, a technical expert or a skilled operator. We develop the right marketing strategy for your appropriate and sustainable target audience approach.
Even if we understand technology, we are not shy to ask for what we don’t understand until we can create an enticing and correct story with the help of creative copy writing, content marketing and design. When it comes to implementing activities within your buyer’s journey, our focus is on Public Relations, speaker opportunities, websites and social media marketing on various social media platforms.


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The marketing Team

CS Marketing & Sales Solutions is guided by the modern way of work: we are a team of experienced, international freelance experts, carefully chosen and curated by founder Corinna Seidel to build high-performing project teams which are essential in today’s specialized world of PR and marketing. Each of us brings her or his expertise at a maximum commitment level – because customer satisfaction is our future. Learn more about our highly experienced marketing team.

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