FROM STRAtegy to narratives to copy writing

Messaging and communication strategies

We prepare you ideally for your international presence, both internally and externally. This includes planning your international communications activities, your strategy for increasing awareness as well as coherent communication concepts for employees and stakeholders during transformation projects.

No matter if it is the localization of your positioning, the communicative concretion of your product/service portfolio or implentation of communication tools: we are your companion for strategic marketing and communication.

Content creation for People

Convince your business contacts by clearly aligning your content to their interests. This is the only way to make communication relevant for your target group. To achieve this, our planning is built on understanding stereotypical personas in your industry which we define together. For this purpose, we analyze existing customer data, gather additional insights and interpret the results for and together with you.

We are content writers specialized in content strategy and content creation for technology companies. Our copywriting will help you to awake the interest of your customers again and again.

Touch-base with media

PR, media relations and advertising

Media relations is at the core of PR and communication. However, the requirements of journalists as a target group differ significantly from those of customers which we address in marketing. Together with you, we identify precisely those topics that are of interest to your trade media – for day-to-day editorial business, for features or events and fairs. We take on the task of time-consuming research and are well-versed in writing stories about technical products and services that attract editors and their audiences. With expertise and sensitivity, we accompany your experts and executives during interviews and public appearances.

Media advertising

In the digital era, the value of paid media should not be underestimated – it has even become indispensable in the digital sphere, especially out of Europe. Therefore, we also take care of your media planning and buying. Based on sophisticated research, we identify the most suitable advertising package that fits to your budget. On top of this, we get advertorials, banners and newsletter articles running for you.

Digital copywriting and content writing with spice and substance

Lively websites and social media

Our digital marketing portfolio does not only encompass creative and content concepts for websites; it also includes content marketing for social media. We help you to continuously discover interesting, new topics in your company and to develop exciting stories and formats for digital channels that your customers will remember.

Professional content marketing

Our content marketing includes coherent content plans and assets which we elaborate at an early stage to diversify your communication portfolio. We prepare your relevant content so that it has an informative added value for your target group and works excellently both digitally and analogously.

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