The Founder

CS Marketing & Sales Solutions founder Corinna Seidel gave birth to her company in 2020 upon her return to Europe after four years living and working in Hong Kong. She is often engaged as a sole advisor for interim and/or project management or as a long-term marketing/PR expert. Depending on the project, she creates and steers multidisciplinary teams to implement tools and activities successfully. Corinna’s homebase is Hamburg while spending a major part of the year in Asia, thus living a life in between the continents.

Serene marketers and project managers

All our projects start with in-depth discussion about business goals, products and pricing, sales strategy, customer service and audiences. We believe in this approach because “just doing things quickly” rarely works out. Our marketing and/or PR advisors ask questions that may not come to people’s mind if they have been working in an organization for a longer time. We try to find new ways to solve your challenges and determine the right storyline and channels. This process can be lean and fast, or more detailed – all depending on the nature of the task. In many cases, our advisors remain the main point of contact for implementation because they are also skilled project managers. In bigger projects, expert projects managers are taken on board.

Expert Editors

We are working with text editors from around the global to hit the right tone for different audiences on different markets. Text editing is a delicate professional specialization which is the reason why our text editors are professionals in their field – may it be PR, advertising or web. Find out more about CS Marketing & Sales Solutions text editors in our references.

creativity and design

Visual language is essential not only in social media but also on websites and in PR where good pictures can make stories. Based on an exact, in-depth briefing created by CS Marketing & Sales Solutions senior advisors, our experienced creatives, graphic designers, illustrators and web designers are empowered to find the ideal visual tone and design. Find out more about CS Marketing & Sales Solutions creative teams in our references.

Your individual project team

CS Marketing & Sales Solutions is the brainchild of solo self-employed Corinna Seidel. However, this does not mean that she works as a lone wolf – given the strong specialization that professional marketing requires today, this would simply not be possible.

From an ever-growing network of professionals in their field, Corinna assembles an interdisciplinary project team for each client project. The advantages? Customers get exactly the expertise they need. Their own organizational effort is minimal – and they benefit from a minimum of overhead costs.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to send us an e-mail to  or discover us on LinkedIn.